Guidelines for Sponsoring a Puja

“To obtain the maximum benefit in doing any puja, two basic responsibilities must be done.  They are preparation of yourself and preparation of the place of worship.”  –  Br. Sesnarayan Maharaj  (Pt. Sase Sharma)

Preparing Yourself for Puja

  • A few days prior to its performance, only Satvic food, drinks and thoughts should be indulged in.  In this manner, both the body and mind would be made fertile for sowing the spiritual seed of puja.

Preparing the Place of Worship

  • Arrive 30 minutes before commencement of the puja to make final preparation of yourself and the place of worship.
  • Bring the following required puja items:  1 coconut, fruits/prashad, flowers, small carton of whole milk, plain natural yogurt
  • You may also bring the following optional items:  agarbati, camphor, havan samaghri, attar, ghee, sandwich bags
  • If you choose to serve food, you may also bring the following items: disposable plates, cups, plastic cutlery, napkins

After Completion of Puja

  • Wash and dry all puja utensils.
  • Fold and pack away sheets.
  • Ensure the puja hall, dining hall, kitchen, and restrooms are left clean.
  • Dispose of trash upon leaving temple.

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