Bal Vihar

Diwali2013UBal Vihar students demonstrating Surya Namaskar at 2013 Diwali Show.

The Maryland Hindu Milan Mandir is now offering free Bal Vihar classes for kids during Sunday service.  The classes are approximately 20 minutes and take place simultaneously with the Sunday service sermon.  Kids gather in a separate classroom area to hear puranic stories, learn about Hindu holidays and engage in interactive activities such as Hindu art projects and discussing age appropriate topics like the Hindu Trinity and the meaning of “Om.”  Bal Vihar means a place of fun and learning for children.  Through providing Bal Vihar classes, we hope to better engage our youth in their Hindu religion and culture.  We welcome your children, your grandchildren and any other children with an interest in learning to join us for Sunday service.  All materials are provided for free to the children during each class.

Bal Vihar students reading the story of Diwali at 2013 Diwali Show.